I'm guilty of leaving the camera behind - we all are - but in our smart phone era, it doesn't really make a difference for capturing memories. To be honest, my new fave thing is to document with my iPhone because the editing is so real-time and I love an instant upload. Some of my current findings: my hair is slowly becoming blonder with every DIY ombre stroke I take (it actually works!). Miami is beautiful and so photogenic from any angle or spot. Succulents are my new fave flower (umm plant). And, I love a little book shelf set up with all things which inspire me the most.

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I'm so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to contribute with Hemispheres, United Airlines inflight magazine, to shoot the talented Rachel Russell for the "Wear in..." style feature. Rachel is one of Miami's top fashion stylists and also such a sweet girl. I had never met Rachel before but working with her was such a joy, she has a very easy-going disposition and is funny as heck. My favorite kind of assignments are the kind with artistic, talented people who are so chill and easy to work with. Hemispheres can be downloaded on iPad free of charge, check it out!

And check out some of my fave outtakes with RR.




My friend Sara invited me to curate a mini pop-up collection of my faves on her Chloe + Isabel shop and I couldn't be more happy to help! Chloe + Isabel is like a Stella & Dot site but more exclusive. To sell Chloe + Isabel, a potential merchandiser must apply and go through an interview process to be considered. I can definitely see why the selection process is so detailed, the pieces are gorgeous!

Sara gave me creative freedom to pick my favorite pieces and create a mini shop for you guys to shop this week. Stock up on Easter gifts or simply amp up your wardrobe with a gorgeous statement piece. Click on the image above and head on over to my curated "Kar Cartel Collection", hope you enjoy and shop!




Karl Lagerfeld - Sneakers / Kenzo - Cap / Reed Krakoff - Boxer Mini / Nicholas Kirkwood - d'Orsay Pumps / Kate Spade - Pretty & Witty Candle

Growing up I always felt jipped when playing word association games that required matching a word to that of my first name's initial, K. Till this day, trying to make an alliteration that actually makes sense is still quite challenging! Kaleidoscope Karla? I think not. Oddly enough, I've always loved my anchor initial despite the trickiness. While in college I made it a point to introduce myself as "Karla with a K" because for one reason or another I felt the need to share my name's spelling wasn't "with a C" and eventually it just stuck. (Till people started calling me "Kar Gar".)

I confess I have many quirky moments and my ode to the "with a K" is definitely testament to that. I really love my initials written out and I find a quirky/powerful mix in monograms with a K. Typography has a way of saying so much by doing so little and is truly indicative of ones' style, and I happen to think K suits me just right. Coincidentally, some of my favorite designers have a "K" name and I just so happen to be crushing on all these K designer items, especially the Lagerfeld sneakers that resemble my New Balance 410's. How amazing are sneakers with a K?! Must have.

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