Photos by photographer and mother of these beautiful girls, Denise Bovee

Did you know Zara has a beautiful campaign for minis titled, Brothers & Sisters? Well, if you didn't you now know and I'm smitten about it. The campaign features familiar social media faces in natural images with beautifully styled ensembles. As a photographer, my preference has never really been for shooting children because managing to conquer a child's undivided attention is a feat on its own - nonetheless managing to take a good shot while trying to do so. But THIS is the kind of children's photography that I love and can totally look forward to shooting. I am obsessed with the simplicity and rawness of these portraits, capturing the girls in their true element without focusing too much on the posing.

I was so thrilled and impressed to find the lovely little daughters of photographer, Denise Bove, featured on this Zara campaign. Denise has been a photography inspiration of mine for years now and her children are the cutest/most adventurous, free-spirited little things I've ever seen. Follow Denise on instagram and you'll become just as obsessed with her kid's style and explorer lives as I am.

Beautifully done Zara!


*Inspiration images pictured above found via pinterest

I've never been the kind of girl who's particularly attached to a certain length of hair. On the contrary, I've always been the type to make the drastic haircut decision on impulse, which is what I did three weeks ago. While my long hair had its perks, it was definitely time for a refresh to rid of the dry ends and multiple colors from one too many failed attempts at being "Kim Kardashian blonde". (That's a separate hair story on its own so I'll spare you). But the truth is I got an urge to cut off my mane (9 inches worth) and coincidentally during the resurface of the long bob's limelight. 

Impulsive decision aside, I combed (pun intended) through the internet searching for cut inspo and I found so many great selects to draw inspiration from. The long bob is definitely having a major moment! Choppy hair never really did it for me but this time around choppy was a must to completely take on the look. I absolutely love the effortless, beach wave look and I'm currently experimenting with surf sprays and pomades to achieve the styling without a curling around. It's still a learning curve compared to styling long hair but I'm enjoying the experiment and above all the light weight, effortless look.

I still haven't decided which product works best, but I will keep you in the loop as I figure it out.

Do you have a preference in products for styling short hair? 


Fellow blogger buddies pictured above: Maria, Ginger, Kelly, Annie, Jana, Nicholl, Kristin, Angeles, Macarena

I had the pleasure of joining some of my favorite ladies this Wednesday for a shopping lunch at the newly-open Market boutique located in South Miami. Just a week old, Market is the newest member of the Studio LX & Blush family tree but brings a fresh perspective with its minimal allure. Shopping for basics and staples just got so much easier for us Miami girls with the beautifully curated store and affordable price point. The crisp store is outfitted with white walls and rustic decor pieces, fusing together a perfect boho meets minimalist vibe.

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Mara Hoffman swimsuit, Illesteva glasses, TAudrey - Lil Miss Miami necklace

Well, here you have it. My first ever swimsuit post and I'll tell you why it's my first.

Naturally, the body image vultures (as I like to call them) run rampant and are the most hurtful kind of people you'll ever encounter as a social media user/blogger/person of the internet. The beauty of it is I honestly don't give a damn what the vultures have to say because the vultures have something to say about everything - be it, too fat, too skinny, eat a hamburger, don't eat a hamburger. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone because people will always have something to say, even if you look like a supermodel.

You will never please the vultures because the vultures don't even know the definition of happiness themselves. So maybe I got a year older and I got a year tougher? But, here I am. Hate it or love it, this is me no photoshop (just a filter for visual preference but no photoshop). I'm proud of myself for putting this out there and yes, I could loose some lbs. and tone up, but that's for me to decide.

Screw you body image vultures. I love this swimsuit and I am happy with myself.